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Contact Us

Central Staff Directoy Form

Adult Learning Center Contact Information

Vocational and Technical Center
1200 College Dr.
Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone: 701-323-4530
Fax: 701-224-5552

Director: Dale Hoerauf
Coordinator: Sandy Wollan
Administrative Assistant: Secretary

ALC Staff

Dale Hoerauf, Director
Dale Hoerauf

Paul Kohler, Teacher
Paul Kohler

Brittany Marsh, Teacher
Brittany Marsh

Sara F. Kincaid, Teacher
Sara F. Kincaid

Curtis Starck, Teacher
Curtis Starck

Waykinyan Zephier, Teacher
Wayinyan Zephier

Den Na Lee Fewson, Teacher
Den Na Lee Fewson

Patrice Thomas, Teacher
Patrice Thomas

Cindy Morgan, Teacher
Cynthia Morgan

Tamara Larson, Teacher
Tamara Larson

Sandy Wollan, Coordinator/Counselor
Sandy Wollan

Individual School Main Office Phone Numbers
Building Main Office
Central Registration Information: 701-323-4110
Adult Learning Center 701-323-4530
High Schools  
Bismarck High School 701-323-4800
Century High School 701-323-4900
Legacy High School 701-323-4850
South Central High School 701-323-4520
Career & Technical Education Campus  
Career Academy 701-323-4340
Technical Center 701-323-4340
Middle Schools  
Horizon Middle School 701-323-4550
Simle Middle School 701-323-4600
Wachter Middle School 701-323-4650
Elementary Schools  
Centennial Elementary School 701-323-4290
Grimsrud Elementary School 701-323-4150
Highland Acres Elementary School 701-323-4160
Liberty Elementary School 701-323-4320
Lincoln Elementary School 701-323-4310
Miller Elementary School 701-323-4170
Moses Elementary School 701-323-4180
Murphy Elementary School 701-323-4190
Myhre Elementary School 701-323-4200
Northridge Elementary School 701-323-4210
Pioneer Elementary School 701-323-4220
Prairie Rose Elementary School 701-323-4280
Riverside Elementary School 701-323-4230
Roosevelt Elementary School 701-323-4240
Saxvik Elementary School 701-323-4250
Solheim Elementary School 701-323-4260
Sunrise Elementary School 701-323-4300
Will-Moore Elementary School 701-323-4270
Bismarck Early Childhood Education Program  
BECEP 701-323-4400
District Offices  
Administration - Hughes Educational Center 701-323-4000
Facilities and Transportation 701-323-4500

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