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4th Grade Elementary Orchestra

Welcome to our orchestra page! We are excited to offer beginner orchestra classes to 4th grade students this fall!

Being an orchestra member is a great way to meet other kids, to be part of something greater than everyday life, and to come out of years of school able to play an instrument and play it well. We support each other and help each other, and we work together to become better players, having a good time along the way.

Students do not need any prior knowledge of instruments or playing experience in order to be in orchestra. Our classes are beginner lessons and students learn all the fundamentals needed to make music with their instrument in this first year. Those who are interested in joining 4th grade orchestra should consult our 4th Grade Orchestra Handbook below to register for our Summer Orchestra Camp and class sessions for the 2014-2015 school year.

Students, we can promise that if you are willing to put a little effort into good practice, you will gain rewards beyond what your life would be without orchestra. You will make good friends, have fun, and with practice, make great gains in your musical abilities, so consider joining orchestra this year.

We look forward to having you in our class!

BPS String Staff

2017 Registration Forms

Online Orchestra Classes and Camp Registration

Orchestra Registration Form (pdf document)
File Size: 191.94 kb

Orchestra Handbook

Orchestra Handbook (pdf document)
File Size: 512.77 kb

Private Lesson List

This is a list of teachers that offer private lessons to Orchestra students

Private Lesson List (pdf document)
File Size: 344.16 kb

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