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Instrumental Music

North Dakota High School Activities Association

NDHSAA Music (link)

Elementary Band

Beginning in the 6th grade, Bismarck Public School district elementary band teachers give your child the opportunity to try some different band instruments. Based on a student's interest, mouth shape, and their physical characteristics like hand size and height, we as a band staff then make a recommendation as to which instrument your child could begin to study the following year.

It is our hope that all band students will start their band experience in the two-week summer school session before their 6th grade year. There are two ways to register. One is to fill out the registration form provided and give it to your schools' office. The other is to contact the Bismarck Public Schools Fine Arts Department at 323-4082.

Students must do one of the three things in order to begin band in the fall. The first option is to attend summer band camp. If students are not able to attend the summer camp they have two other options to prepare them for beginning band. They may take private lessons during the summer or attend the make-up camp. It is recommended that at least 6 lessons be taken during the summer months from the private teacher. The after-school make-up lessons will be held starting in August. The make-up sessions should be a last resort. Private lessons or summer camp provide many more hours of instruction compared to the make-up sessions and are preferred by the band staff.

After completing summer school, private lessons, or the makeup session, students will be prepared to take the regular band class at their school offered 5 times a week during their 6th grade year.

More information regarding 6th grade band and the process of joining are included in the attached downloadable 6th Grade Band Handbook.

Band Handbook (pdf document)
File Size: 418.02 kb

Private Lessons are provided by the following teachers:

Private Lesson  (pdf document)
File Size: 39.21 kb

List of Teachers offering private band or orchestra lessons.

Secondary Band & Orchestra

Students interested in joining their high school band or orchestra must have previous experience and may have to audition. See individual building course offerings for more information:

Music Departments

BHS Band (link)

CHS Band (link)

CHS Orchestra (link)

Music Directors Contact Information

Century Faculty
Phone: 701-323-4900
Mary Pat Archuleta
Chris Dasovick
Jeremy Overbeck
Abby Walker
Mark Herold

Bismarck High Faculty
Phone: 701-323-4800
Jon Baumann
Chris Dasovick
Abby Walker
Mike Seil
Matthew Salzer

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