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Sports Medicine Tidbits

This page is dedicated to providing parents, coaches, and student-athletes interesting tidbits of information regarding sports medicine, athletics, nutrition and health. Enjoy!


Tidbits on nutrition.

Young athletes and energy drinks: A bad mix?

The Gatorade cooler and the coffee pot in the locker room have competition. From youth playing fields to major league clubhouses, caffeinated energy drinks such as Red Bull and its scores of cousins have become a familiar presence in sports. Click HERE to read more.

5 Nutrition Tips For New Athletes

If you're a new athlete trying to figure out your nutrition plan, try these tips to eat smart for top performance. Click HERE to read more.

Second Half Heroics

Training & Conditioning July/August 2011 Vol. XXI, No. 5
Looking for a way to ensure your football team plays the second half as strong as the first? Auburn University utilizes a specialized halftime nutrition plan. Click HERE to read more.


Tidbits on environmental considerations (hot weather, cold weather, lightning safety, etc.)

Ahead of the Pack

Training & Conditioning July/August 2011, Vol. XXI, No. 5
Making sure your athletes don't succumb to heat illness means knowing the latest research on the topic. This year, we turned to the Korey Stringer Institute for insight. Click HERE to read more.

Heat-related illness still deadly problem for athletes

USA Today - August 15, 2011
Douglas J. Casa, chief operating officer of the Korey Stringer Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing sudden death in sports, comes by his life's mission honestly. Click HERE to read more.

Head Injury

Tidbits on concussions and head injuries.

Symptoms still affecting Sidney Crosby August 15, 2011
PITTSBURGH -- Sidney Crosby's summer vacation is almost over. Still, there's no telling when the Pittsburgh Penguins star will return to work. General manager Ray Shero said Monday the former MVP is still dealing with concussion-like symptoms and it's too soon to know if Crosby will be available when the Penguins open camp next month. Click HERE to read more.

Study: Kids Competing Too Soon After Concussions

Time Magazine January 21, 2009
Too many kids are returning to the playing field too soon after a concussion. How many? According to an alarming new study, from 2005 to 2008, 41% of concussed athletes in 100 high schools across the U.S. returned to play too soon, under guidelines set out by the American Academy of Neurology. Click HERE to read more.

Injury prevention

Tidbits on injury prevention and/or treatment of injuries.

The game plan: Avoid sports injuries

August 11, 2011 USA Today features article on avoiding youth sports injuries. Click HERE to read more.

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