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Sports Medicine Class

Prevention and Care of Injury Course

For students interested in the field of sports medicine, Bismarck Public Schools offers a Prevention and Care of Athletics Injuries course. The course is a one semester block course offered both fall and spring semester. The course is taught by a Certified Athletic Trainer at the Career Academy.

Course Description

An introductory course for students interested in the field of Sports Medicine. General principles to be covered in the course will be: prevention, recognition, and immediate care of athletic injuries; physical conditioning; equipment fitting; rehabilitation of athletic injuries; basic nutrition; blood borne pathogens; taping and wrapping techniques and other related medical conditions. Classroom learning is enhanced through clinical education experiences. Successful completion of this course fulfills the prerequisites for becoming a Sports Medicine Assistant (There is a difference between a student manager and a Sports Medicine Assistant. This course is required for all Sports Medicine Assistants in the Bismarck Public Schools). WITH PRIOR PARENTAL APPROVAL, TRANSPORTATION TO CLINICAL EDUCATION SITES IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT.

Successful completion of Medical Related Careers I course. American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification.

Dual Credit

Starting the fall 2011 semester, the University of Mary will offer dual credit for the Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury course offered by the Bismarck Public Schools. When students register for the Prevention and Care course, they may also register for ATH 151 Introduction to Athletic Taping Techniques (1 credit) and ATH 238 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (2 credits)through the University of Mary through a special registration form. A great deal for any student interested in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Exercise Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Education or Coaching.

Medical Related Careers Courses

This is a video of the second level Medical Related Careers courses offered by Bismarck Public Schools - Medical Related Careers II, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries, and Certified Nursing Assistant. The video highlights some of the course curriculum and activities of each course.

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees Can Lead to a Recession-Proof Career in Athletic Training

US News August 17, 2011
For the past few years, the shaky economic situation has been at the forefront of American news. This led many potential degree seekers to worry about finding a job after graduation, or the debt they will face if they enroll in a college or university. Still, even during an economic recession, there are many degree tracks that can lead to fast-growing careers. Click HERE to read more.

Medical Related Careers Fieldtrip to the University of North Dakota

A video of the Medical Related Careers students fieldtrip to the University of North Dakota in January 2012, the departments they visited, and their hands-on experiences.

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